Supervision Solution

Supervision Solution

Supervision Solution
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here Supervising is like Parenting.

a level pe coursework help These are two important jobs anyone can do, but few people are adequately prepared or trained to do them. Most people learn by trial and error with varying degrees of success. But both jobs are far too important to be left to chance. The good news is that you can learn with some help and guidance how to be effective and efficient in them.

The course is designed to enable participants:

  • Identify and evaluate goals and objectives of supervision
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of a supervisor in modern day management
  • Learn how to set and measure performance targets
  • Improve their relationship with subordinates and superiors

Target Audience:

  • Departmental Heads
  • Unit Heads
  • Supervisors and Would-be supervisors
  • Managers and would-be managers

Module 1

Managing Subordinates

  • Goals and Objective of a Supervisor
  • Job Related and People Related Roles and Responsibilities
  • Setting and Measuring Performance Targets
  • New Generation Supervisor
  • Communication
  • Effective Delegation
  • Team coordination
  • Disciplinary Action that corrects
  • Coaching and Counselling
  • Effective Motivation

Module 2

source Managing Yourself

  • Identifying your Strength and Weaknesses
  • Knowing your leadership styles
  • Identifying type of your Environment
  • Aligning your Style with your Work Environment
  • Managing your Time/Stress and that of others
  • How to organise Yourself

Module 3

Managing Your Boss

  • How to Create a good Boss
  • The real concept of Managing your Boss
  • Checklist for managing your boss Case